Why would anyone call a government relations/public relations/media relations firm Daisy?

Its a question we get asked a lot.

On September 7, 1964, during the Johnson-Goldwater U.S. presidential campaign, the Democratic Party ran a paid advertisement just once. Only 60 seconds long, that commercial profoundly altered modern electoral politics, and the way in which public advocacy is done.

Why did it work? Because it was passionate, it was hard-hitting, and because it moved hearts and minds.

The TV ad helped the Democrats win back the White House. It's called "Daisy." You should watch it.

So what is the Daisy Consulting Group?

Our mission statement describes us best:

  1. We know, we don't guess.
  2. We work relentlessly on behalf of our clients.
  3. We use our campaign experience to help our clients win.
  4. We are known for our ethics, experience, results, discretion, teamwork and smarts.
  5. We give value for money, always.

The people we have been privileged to work with say we have a reputation for client loyalty. For strong relationships with decision-makers at all levels. For excellence, and working relentlessly for the people we represent. For motivated, reliable and knowledgeable staff. For top-rung research-based communications counsel. For results at the right price.

And they say we have a reputation for being passionate, hard-hitting, and knowing a little about how to move hearts and minds.

Like Daisy did.

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