About Us

The Daisy Consulting Group (DCG) advises people, corporations, associations and governments on public relations and policy challenges. We are known for our discretion, creativity and energy. We're also known for our ability to work closely with others, as we assist clients in achieving their key objectives.

DCG offers clients solid experience. Experience on how to tell a winning story. Experience on how to seek common ground between the public, businesses, NGOs and governments. Experience on how to harness creative potential, and turn it into a winning PR or GR campaign. Experience on how to manage the media and vexing issues. Experience on how to use campaigns to solve problems, and get results. Experience on how to improve legislation, and to help garner support for ideas that advance clients' objectives.

Our focus is:

  • All types of media relations, from reputation management to crisis communications;
  • Development of qualitative and quantitative research;
  • Research-based and issue-specific public policy solutions for governments, stakeholders and citizens;
  • Strategic counsel for organizations hoping to change perspectives with the public or government;
  • Aligning the interests of the public, business, associations and government; and
  • Providing crucial counsel on opportunities and threats.

The Daisy Consulting Group is a group of people who have been doing government relations, public relations, media relations and issue management for a long time. It's a group of people who know how to win.

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